Did you know in 2022, online Black Friday sales in the U.S. hit a record-breaking $9.2 billion? 🤯 In other words, the digital space is where the real action is. Without a sharp Black Friday marketing plan, you could be leaving serious cash on the table.

But everywhere you look, there are online ads, sizzling flash sales, and blink-or-you’ll-miss-it deals. So, how do you make your biz shine amidst all this noise? 

That’s precisely what Lyon Content is here to help you with today. 

In this guide, we’re dropping 29+ tips and techniques to dominate your Black Friday marketing strategy, including content creation, social media, newsletters, SEO blogs, and more.

So whether you’re an OG marketer or just dipping your toes into the Black Friday madness, consider this your ultimate cheat sheet.

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What is Black Friday marketing?

Traditionally in the U.S., Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that marks the start of the holiday shopping season. But it’s not just any shopping day—it’s the Super Bowl of shopping days. Big and small retailers unveil jaw-dropping discounts and offers to reel in shoppers on the prowl for deals.

The rise of online shopping (thanks in part to a certain global pandemic) has shaped Black Friday in a brand new light. Ecommerce platforms dish out online-only deals, limited-time sales, and even days-long discounts.

This digital shift has opened up a plethora of Black Friday marketing ideas. From exclusive specials to interactive social media campaigns, brands are getting more creative and competitive. 

The mission? To rise above the bustling ecommerce jungle, of course. 

Black Friday ecard about shopping for someone else

How does Black Friday content differ from the rest of the year?

The Black Friday craze has shoppers eagerly marking off days in anticipation of epic sales and savings. But what sets Black Friday content apart from what we see the rest of the year? 


Black Friday is synonymous with limited-time offers, exclusive deals, and once-a-year discounts. It’s about creating FOMO (fear of missing out) so intense consumers are setting alarms, making lists, and braving digital and physical crowds to snag the best sales.


Black Friday content is a sensory overload in the best way. Brands pull out all the stops to capture attention and stand TF out. Think flashy graphics, countdown timers, and even augmented reality experiences

Black Friday Countdown Timer

Plus, who doesn’t love scoring killer Black Friday deals from the comfort of their couch? Guilty! 🫣

Why is this shift in your content strategy so crucial?

With Cyber Monday hot on Black Friday’s heels, the shopping frenzy has become a weekend-long (sometimes week-long) event. Brands must sustain the momentum by churning out fresh, engaging content that keeps audiences hooked.🎣

Creating Black Friday and Cyber Monday requires a specialized Black Friday marketing strategy where creativity meets urgency and brands can showcase their:

  • Products and services
  • Understanding of consumer behavior
  • Ability to tap into the zeitgeist
  • Prowess in rising above a saturated market

Sound daunting? Not with this trusty guide. 

29 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Supercharge Sales

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Black Friday social media content creation

Your social media posts aren’t just for sharing product pics and updates—they supercharge your Black Friday marketing.

Today, a significant chunk of consumers are using social platforms for direct purchases. Your next customer could be scrolling through their feed right now, credit card in hand, ready to “add to cart.”


Does that mean you should sell more on social media during Black Friday? Heck yes. 

That means ramping up your post frequency. The general consensus? Most social media gurus recommend posting at least once a day to stay top of mind. And don’t be afraid to mix things up with different formats and eye-catching graphics to keep things fresh.

But you’ll need to go beyond just pushing products. You’ve gotta build anticipation and create original, scroll-stopping social media content that resonates, engages, and converts. 

How to Create Black Friday Social Media Content

Each social media channel has its own vibe, audience, and features that can be leveraged for maximum Black Friday impact. 


1. Stories and Highlights:

Use Stories to showcase limited-time offers, behind-the-scenes (BTS) scoops, and customer reviews. The best ones? Save ‘em as Highlights on your profile for quick, easy access.

2. Shoppable Posts:

Make it easy for your followers. Tag products in your posts so they can shop without even having to leave the app.

3. Engaging Captions:

Pair your visuals with thoughtful captions. Ask questions, share fun facts about your Black Friday deals, or tell a story behind a particular product or service.


4. Flash Sales Announcements:

The fast-paced nature of Twitter makes it ideal for announcing limited-time flash sales. Take advantage of this!

5. Polls and Engagement:

Gauge user interest by running polls on potential products or deals. Engage with followers by retweeting their Black Friday wish lists or stories.

6. Hashtags:

Don’t forget to jump onto trending Black Friday hashtags. Better yet, create a new one for your biz! 


7. BTS Content:

Show the hustle and bustle of your team prepping for Black Friday. It adds a personal touch and ramps up anticipation.

8. Black Friday Challenges, Trends, and User Engagement:

Get followers to showcase their holy-grail products from your brand or share a victory dance when they nab a sweet deal.

9. Influencer Collaborations:

Partner with influencers to showcase your products and reach an even bigger audience.


10. Carousel Ads and Slideshows:

Showcase your Black Friday promos through carousels and slideshows. This gives your followers a more comprehensive view of what you’re offering. 

11. Facebook Lives:

82% of social media users agree: live videos trump standard posts when it comes to entertainment value. Use them to answer questions in real-time, present your products, and deepen your connection with audiences.

12. User-Generated Content:

Let your customers do the talking for you. Encourage them to share their finds and experiences—then reshare them!

But remember: while each platform has its quirks, your brand voice and messaging should remain consistent. Whether it’s a witty tweet or the latest TikTok dance, always stay true to your brand. 

Next up: newsletters.

paper plane coming from keyword and cell phone with tag saying black friday sale

Black Friday Email Newsletters and Sequences

Like social media, emails are a direct line to your audience. The difference? There are no confusing algorithms to battle or tight ad budgets to burn through. Plus, you don’t have to worry about technical SEO as much as you do with other forms of content.  

It’s just you, your message, and your loyal subscribers.🤗 

Black Friday emails are sprinkled with some extra oomph: enticing offers, exclusive sneak peeks, and irresistible incentives like free gifts, referral codes, or gift card payouts. Like all Black Friday marketing campaigns, they aim to build anticipation, stir up urgency, and drive sales.

So, how do Black Friday emails differ from the rest of the year? And…

How often should I be emailing my list during the holiday season?

The holidays are prime time for Black Friday email marketing. As Black Friday creeps closer, brands up the ante, sending out more emails than usual. But it’s a delicate balance—you want to stay on your subscribers’ minds without becoming that brand that doesn’t STFU.

Sparta spoof “This is spam!” meme

Here’s a solid game plan:

  • Start early: Start upping your email game a few weeks before Black Friday. 
  • Find your sweet spot: Start with 1 to 2 emails per week, then turn it up a notch to 2 to 3 as you get closer to the big day.
  • Keep it diverse: Mix up your content regularly to keep it fresh and engaging (more on this in a minute). 
  • Listen to your audience: Keep tabs on your open and click-through rates. Notice a dip? It might be time to pull back on frequency a bit.

As for what kind of content to include in your Black Friday emails…

How to Create Black Friday Email Content 

On Black Friday, your inbox game needs to be stronger than ever. Here are some tips for dodging the spam folder:

13. Craft irresistible Black Friday email subject lines

Your Black Friday email subject lines are the first impression. Infuse urgency, curiosity, and relevance to get that click. Use attention-grabbing phrases like “Friday Just Got a Whole Lot Better 🛍️” or “Early Bird Gets Free Shipping! 🐦”.

14. Segment your audience

Not all subscribers are created equal. Segment your list based on past purchase behavior, engagement levels, or interests. Tailor your Black Friday email offers to each segment for a more personalized touch.

15. Optimize for mobile 

There’s a good chance much of your audience reads your emails on their phones and tablets. Double-check that your emails are responsive, images load quickly, and call-to-actions (CTAs) are easily clickable.

16. Use clear and compelling CTAs

Whether you want them to “Shop Now,” “Score This Deal,” or “Subscribe for More,” make sure your CTAs are unmissable and convey the action you want your reader to take.

17. Offer exclusive deals

Make your subscribers feel like they’re the main event. Offer them private Black Friday deals or early access to sales. Now you’re killing two birds with one hella-optimized stone: driving sales and boosting brand loyalty. 

18. Incorporate scarcity and urgency

Use phrases like “Limited Stock,” “Only a Few Left,” or “Sale Ends Tonight” to create a sense of urgency. I know, I know—bombarding inboxes with high-alert emails can seem pushy. But come Black Friday? It’s par for the course. So, seize the moment and make it count. 

19. Offer freebies and bonuses

Everyone loves a good freebie. Promote any free gifts, gift cards, or bonuses you offer with purchases. This can be the nudge some shoppers need to “Check Out.”

20. Plan a sequence

Think your Black Friday marketing emails are one-and-done? No way. Plan a sequence leading up to Black Friday, during the sale, and even post-event. This keeps your biz top-of-mind and provides multiple touchpoints.

21. Test and optimize 

Test different subject lines, email designs, and CTAs to see which work best and which fall short. Use these insights to optimize your future campaigns. For instance, A/B testing different versions and styles and analyzing the metrics to see what resonates best.

22. Follow-up post-purchase

Subscribers made some buys? Send them a note of appreciation. Offer related product recommendations or special discounts for future purchases.

And don’t forget: These subscribers chose to be part of your community. So, while stringing together killer deals and catchy subject lines, remember you’re also nurturing those relationships. 

Black Friday emails that don’t suck? Check! What’s next?

Black Friday SEO + Blog Strategy

If you’ve been in our content marketing blog Roar!, you already know how a successful blog strategy positions your brand as an industry authority, drives traffic, and boosts conversions. But during Black Friday marketing? They’re a secret weapon for reaching your audience in a meaningful way.

How does an SEO strategy change during Black Friday Marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures your content gets seen by the right people at the right time. During Black Friday, however, the search landscape shifts dramatically. 

There’s a spike in search volume for Black Friday deals and offers. Just check out these skyscraper spikes on Google Search over the last five years of Black Friday seasons:

Google search trends graph during black friday over time
Source: Google Trends

Search terms that might not be as relevant at other times of the year suddenly become gold. And your competitors? They’re all gunning for the top spot for these same keywords.

So, what does all of this mean for your blog strategy? It means you’ve gotta deck your articles in their holiday best and pivot your Black Friday SEO game.

Let the competition begin meme

How to Create SEO Blog Content for Black Friday

Diving into the Black Friday chaos without a solid SEO blog strategy can be tricky. You might burst with Black Friday marketing ideas, but without strategy? You’re overwhelmed and unsure of where to kick things off. 

You wouldn’t go into Target on Black Friday with a blindfold on—would you?

Then don’t go into Black Friday SEO blind. 😎

23. Get familiar with your audience’s searches

Research what your audience is searching for and what’s actually trending, rather than guessing. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or SEMrush to pinpoint high-volume search queries related to Black Friday in your industry. This will feed you a wealth of blog post ideas that resonate with your audience.

24. Optimize your titles and meta descriptions

Your headings should be catchy, relevant, and, most importantly, include your target keyword. The same goes for your meta description. This is your chance to entice searchers to click on your link amidst the Black Friday chaos. Here are a few great examples:

black friday skincare google search results skinstore article
black friday skincare google search results ulta beauty article
black friday skincare google search results sephora article
Source: Google search for “black friday deals on skincare”

25. Make internal linking your bestie

Linking to other articles and pages within your site boosts your SEO and creates a spider web of content. In turn? People spend more time on your site. The longer they’re there, the more search engines favor you. When that happens, you’ll see a boost in conversions because you’re showing up more frequently on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

26. Revamp old content

Got a blog post from last year’s Black Friday? Refresh it! Update the stats, add new insights, and give it a modern-day revamp. Google loves fresh content, and so do your readers.😉

27. Make your blog mobile-friendly

Tons of Black Friday shoppers browse and buy from their mobile devices. Fast loading times, easy navigation, easy-to-read fonts and headings are all a must. Don’t have your customers saying this:

Meme of Willy Wonka being sarcastic about mobile optimization

28. Complement writing with stunning visuals

Endless walls of text are a turn-off. Incorporate images, infographics, and videos of Black Friday deals and tips. Not only does this make your content more engaging, but it also increases dwell time (how long a searcher spends on a page from the search results before heading back to the SERPs).

29. Capitalize on local SEO

Does your biz have a brick-and-mortar or local presence? Optimize your content for local searches! Target keywords like “Black Friday sales near me” or “Holiday sales in [City Name].”And be sure to update your Google Business Profile with holiday hours, products, and sales info.

google search about local black friday deals showing result from skincare medical article
Source: Google search for “black friday sales near los angeles”

Alrighty, we’ve dished all the tips and tricks, but let’s be real—seeing is believing.

Black Friday Content in Action: 3 Successful Examples

Real-life examples help you better understand the magic of a well-executed Black Friday marketing campaign.

Here are some of our favorite Black Friday campaigns from brands that truly knocked it out of the park:

1. Social Media Campaign Example ~ MD GLAM

When it comes to nailing Black Friday social media content, our fab skincare client, MD Glam’s 2022 strategy was flawlessly executed. 

MD Glam skincare black friday social media content
Source: MD GLAM Instagram
  • 📅 Early teasers: MD Glam wasted no time teasing their Black Friday sale starting in November. This stirred up anticipation and kept their audience eagerly awaiting the deals.
  • 📣 Details drop: On November 14th, they unveiled all the juicy deets of their sale. By not keeping their audience in suspense for too long, they struck a nice balance between building excitement and delivering on promises.
  • 🎥 Diverse content: Throughout November, their feed was a gorgeous mix of photos, reels, and videos. They showcased their products, how to use them, and even featured their founder Dr. Cat endorsing and discussing them. This humanized the brand and built trust.
  • 💬 Social proof: Real customer testimonials and before-and-after shots can be game-changing. These posts showcased real-life transformations, resonating with potential buyers and showing the impact of MD Glam’s products.
  • ✍️ Engaging captions: Every post was complemented by a well-crafted caption. They weren’t just informational—they told stories. Dr. Cat’s warm and empowering voice consistently shone through, making each caption feel like personal notes to her readers.
  • 🎨 Aesthetic cohesiveness: A quick glance at their feed from November 2022 and the visual harmony is apparent. The colors, layouts, and consistency all complement MD GLAM’s luxe, premium feel.

Newsletters that slay? Coming right up!

2. Email Marketing Newsletter Example ~ Tease Tea

Tease Tea’s Black Friday email campaign embodies simplicity, elegance, and effectiveness. Here’s how they brewed the perfect email blend:

black friday email newsletter from tease tea company
Source: Black Friday Email [tease]
  • 🎨 Visual appeal: The email’s design is clean and minimalistic, with a muted color palette that lets their product imagery pop. Using white space, the content feels breezy and guides their reader’s gaze to the essential details.
  • 📣 Clear messaging: The headline “Black Friday Came Early” is bold and to the point, immediately conveying their sale’s urgency and importance. It’s a strong CTA that nudges readers to dive right in.
  • 🍵 Product spotlight: The email features a range of Tease’s products, accompanied by crisp images and snappy descriptions. This gives subscribers a taste (pun intended) of what’s offered without flooding them with too many options.
  • 💰 Discount highlight: The “25% OFF EVERYTHING” banner is prominently placed, catching readers’ eyes as soon as they open the message. This creates an immediate incentive for exploring the sale further.
  • 🕰️ Urgency: The countdown timer and verbiage add another element of urgency, subtly pushing readers to act fast and purchase before missing out on the sale.
  • 🔗 Easy navigation: Those “Shop Now” buttons? Strategically placed in all the right spots, guiding subscribers straight to that coveted product page
  • ✍️ Captivating copy: The copy is concise yet engaging, with phrases like “Our only sale of the year” highlighting the significance and stirring excitement. It’s not just about the sale—it’s about exclusivity

3. SEO Blog Strategy Example ~ Live Bearded

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Live Bearded’s Black Friday blog post is a testament to this. Their gift guide post cuts straight to the chase, delivering precision and drawing appeal.

Live Bearded black friday blog post
  • 🎬 Sets the stage: Right from the jump, Live Bearded highlights the importance of family time during the holidays while also acknowledging the Black Friday excitement. They use this sentiment to help readers shop their best deals.
  • 📣 Clear and direct: There’s no beating around the bush here. Live Bearded provides a clear breakdown of their Black Friday deals, highlighting a 20% site-wide discount. This straightforward, fluff-free approach lets readers know exactly what to expect.
  • Bonus incentives: To sweeten the deal, they offer a free custom wallet with purchases over $100. And the way they describe it? Equal parts cheeky and beneficial—we’re here for it.
  • New product announcements: They use their gift guide to spotlight new products, like their all-natural lotion. But they don’t just name-drop and dip—they explain its benefits and why it’s a worthy addition to your grooming routine.
  • 💎 Limited-edition offers: Live Bearded showcases limited-edition products, from candles to flannels, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency. They also hint at Black Friday exclusive hats, beanies, and popular shirt designs.
  • ⏲️ Creating urgency: They repeatedly emphasize the sale’s limited stock and specific start time, enticing readers to act fast.
  • 🤗 Personal touch: They wrap up their guide with warm holiday wishes and an open door for any Qs. This personal touch humanizes Live Bearded, reinforcing their brand identity and fostering a deeper connection with their audience.

And there you have it! Three standout brands killing their  Black Friday Advertising campaigns. Which tactic will you tackle first?

Black Friday Marketing: from Kickass Strategies to Sustainable Success

This time of year may be a whirlwind of deals, discounts, and dizzying Black Friday marketing campaigns, but the game doesn’t end when midnight strikes.⏰

While these insights and examples are invaluable resources for Black Friday success, the real magic lies in the aftermath. Dive deep into your post-Black Friday marketing performance. Analyze what worked, what didn’t, and where you can refine for even better results next year.

And if you’re still feeling lost—we get it. Navigating the marketing landscape is hard enough. When you throw Black Friday marketing into the mix, it can feel like stepping into the Upside Down. 😵‍💫

The good news? At Lyon Content, we know precisely how to craft a Black Friday marketing strategy customized for your unique audience. Whether it’s through audience research, content creation, or launching campaigns that send your analytics soaring all the way to Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to rise through the holiday noise?

Hit us up to supercharge your Black Friday marketing strategy with content that roars! 🦁💥

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