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About, Lyon Content Writing Agency Team


We’re lions born to roar and embolden brands to lead the pack, revolt against the herd, and revolutionize their industry with engaging, authentic written content.

We aren’t in the game of regurgitation and mimicry. And that’s why we started Lyon Content.

The state of the creative digital landscape has a multiplicity effect, where every re-fabricated idea is less juicy than the original. And don’t even get us started on AI copywriting. 

People want to feel heard. 77% of shoppers do research before making a purchase. Where are they researching? On blogs and websites.

Publishing high-quality, thought-leadership written content builds trust that translates to revenue for your business.

We are creative content writers devoted to crafting the best content on the internet. The results? More traffic, conversions, sales, and industry cred.

By offering bold digital written content that compels, engages, and enlivens audiences, Lyon Content provides results. 

Ready to dominate your niche? Here’s why we’re your new secret content writing weapon.


Challenging conventions and sparking buzz is what we’re all about. We’re bold enough to ask questions and brave enough to raise the stakes with scroll-stopping, ahead-of-the-trends written content, thought-leadership articles, engaging blog writing, eBook copywriting, newsletters, and more.


Everyone’s selling something. We do it with empathy. We’re humans, first and foremost. We don’t sell products or services. We sell lifestyles and belief systems with written content that engages, educates, and entertains your target audience. And we do it with huge, bleeding hearts.


We approach every copywriting project with big-picture eyes. Then we get granular; zoom in on the little details that bring together amazing written content. We’re dead-set on illuminating your brand’s heart and vision with high quality written content.


We’re a team of collaborative millennials ready to change the world. We dive deeper, beyond the surface of every idea and topic, to ensure it sparks change, enlivens, and emboldens audiences.


Our brains are hard-wired to ask questions, fall down rabbit holes, and tease out the grey matter that makes up this pulsing, lightning-fast digital world we live in.


We’re data geeks. We get intimate with your target audience and strategically write content that reaches them. AKA: we stalk your audience like the gorgeous gazelles they are.

Our Pride

Christina Lyon Founder of Lyon Content Creative Agency

Christina Lyon

Founder, CEO

Steve Lyon, co-owner and videographer at Lyon Content

Steve Lyon

Co-Founder, CFO

Kylie, accounts manager and photographer at Lyon Content

Kylie Pereira

Executive Assistant / Accounts Manager

Chrissy, tech and marketing writer at Lyon Content

Chrissy Kapralos

Tech & Marketing Writer

Lyon Content beauty writer Natalie Laffont

Natalie Laffont

Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Rebecca, a Lyon Content writer, wearing a CSUN shirt with a green backdrop

Rebecca Rumph

Lifestyle writer

Headshot of Lyon Content SEO strategy partner Kim Fischer

Kim Fischer

SEO partner

Elji is Lyon Content Agency


Social Media Marketer

Expert content writers for captivating, scroll-stopping written content.

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Written Content

Boost SEO rankings while tantalizing your audience with high-value written content that educates, informs, and inspires action. 

  • SEO Blog Writing
  • Website Copy
  • Sales and landing page copywriting
  • eBook copywriting
  • Newsletter writing
  • Social media copywriting
  • Brand Messaging 
  • Whitepaper writing
  • News releases
  • Tone and voice guidelines
  • Marketing material copywriting
  • Brand storytelling
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