Search engine optimization (SEO)…ah, how those three little words often leave e-commerce business owners scratching their heads. It’s no secret SEO can be as confusing as interpreting a Kanye tweet. And let’s be honest: when juggling a million other responsibilities as a business owner, mastering the intricacies of SEO writing isn’t always a top priority.

Your saving grace? Content SEO writers who know the SEO game inside-out.

In today’s article, we’ll spill all the deets on content SEO writers and how they can take your biz to the next level. Together, we’ll:

  • Cut straight into the SEO writing onion
  • Examine content SEO writers and why they’re beneficial
  • Debate the DIY approach to SEO writing
  • Deliver tips for finding your SEO writer match-made-in-heaven
  • Drop nuggets of wisdom from Christina Lyon, our pack leader herself!

Enough with the pleasantries…let’s jump straight in. 

What is SEO Writing?

Before we break down what content SEO writers are and do, we have to peel back the layers of the SEO writing onion.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization, the practice of optimizing a website to boost its visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) and drive organic traffic.

This is done by employing all kinds of techniques (we’ll get to those in a minute) for easy page crawling—when search engine bots systematically navigate through web pages, following links from one web page to another and gathering information as they go.

Christina says SEO used to place a huge emphasis on search engine crawlers. 

“Today, it’s all about value, a shift that’s really important to distinguish that SEO content is now focused on human content.” 

In other words? SEO has gone customer-centric.

As for the components of SEO? Let’s just say this onion’s got quite a few layers.

SEO Elements

When you nail SEO, you’ll see tangible improvements in your website’s visibility, organic traffic, and conversions. But that means mastering every layer of SEO content.

So, just how many layers are there? Let’s get peelin’:

🧅 Understanding search intent

“Understanding a brand’s target audience’s needs is the heart of SEO,” explains Christina. By understanding their motivations, you can create targeted content that meets their needs and improves the chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

🧅 Keyword research

This involves identifying relevant target keywords with high search volume and user intent. Naturally incorporating particular keywords and keyword phrases throughout your content helps your web pages rank higher and attract organic traffic by aligning with what people are searching for.

🧅 Structure optimization

This refers to organizing and optimizing your content’s structure to enhance user experience, improve accessibility, and boost search engine visibility. For instance, you can increase readability by using headings (H1s, H2s, etc.), bullets, subsections, and other formatting techniques.

🧅 Internal and external linking

Internal links connect relevant pages within your website to create a hierarchical structure, improve navigation, and distribute authority. External links, on the other hand, connect to other authoritative pages outside your domain. These build credibility and provide additional resources to readers while enhancing your content’s search engine evaluation.

🧅 Fine-tuning the fine print

This involves optimizing the nitty-gritty of your content. For example, descriptive, keyword-rich title tags; compelling meta descriptions that attract user clicks; and accurate, keyword-optimized alt text for your images. These help boost search engine visibility, improve click-through rates, and enhance the overall user experience.

🧅 Relevant imagery

Breaking up your text with relevant, high-quality images creates opportunities to optimize file names, alt text, and image compression. Plus, it adds visual appeal.

🧅 High-quality content

Not all content is quality content. High-quality content is thoughtfully crafted and valuable to your target audience. It involves creating original, relevant, and engaging pieces that offer unique insights, address their queries, and establish credibility—ultimately driving engagement and improving search engine rankings.

🧅 Reoptimizing old content

The work doesn’t end when your content is live. You must revisit existing content to make it more relevant, up-to-date, and valuable. This is especially true for holiday content, like Black Friday marketing content or Christmas trends, etc. If you consistently update relevant keywords, improve formatting, and ensure content remains evergreen, you’ll enhance its visibility in search engines and deliver enduring value to your audience.

As you can see, successful SEO takes some seriously strategic wordplay.

That’s essentially what SEO content writing is—the art of crafting compelling, optimized written content that tops the SERPs (search engine results pages). It’s about strategically wielding words to secure that coveted first-page spot and steal the spotlight from your competition.

That said, not everyone can wield words like the mighty SEO weapons they have the potential to be.

Enter: Content SEO Writers

Content SEO writers are skilled professionals who specialize in writing content that’s optimized for search engines.

They’re experts in keyword sourcing, implementing optimization techniques, and creating engaging, informative, and user-friendly content that aligns with SEO best practices and fits your brand’s vibe to a T.

In other words, they wield those words like finely honed weapons to conquer the search engine battlefield and unleash the full potential of your brand’s content.

Content writers, SEO writers—same difference, right? Not quite

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Content SEO Writers vs. Regular Content Writers

Content SEO writers and regular, schmegular content writers both create written content, but they differ in their approaches and focus:


SEO content writers prioritize optimizing content for search engine visibility and ranking, writing content with specific keywords to attract organic traffic while captivating audiences. Regular content writers focus on creating engaging and informative content sans the emphasis on SEO.

Christina weighs in, “Anyone can learn SEO writing, but a successful SEO content writer also has an innate understanding of human psychology. That intuition enables them to craft relatable, engaging content rooted in the human psyche.”

SEO knowledge

Content SEO writers have a deep understanding of SEO principles, including keyword research, optimization, and content structuring. They know how to incorporate SEO tactics to optimize the sh*t out of your words. In contrast, regular content writers may have limited SEO knowledge.

Audience consideration

When creating content, SEO writers consider both your target audience and search engines. They know how to balance providing valuable information to readers and satisfying search engine algorithms. Regular content writers focus on delivering information or storytelling without considering search engine requirements.

Christina believes the best SEO content writers instinctively tap into readers’ struggles, wrapping them in tailor-made solutions. Sure, this skill can be taught and molded, but gifted SEO content writers already have it nailed.

Technical know-how

“Keywords, content topics, and ideation will reveal themselves when you dig into the data.” But to do that, you have to know how to source and interpret those insights, right?

Content SEO writers possess technical skills related to SEO tools, data analysis, and optimization strategies. They’re familiar with SEO analytics, keyword research tools, and interpreting SEO metrics. Since regular content writers don’t write for SEO, they don’t typically share that technical expertise.

Constant adaptation

SEO content writers stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving SEO landscape and algorithm changes to ensure their content strategy remains effective AF. For instance, Christina regularly subscribes to content from industry thought leaders like Neil Patel, Semrush, and Search Engine Journal. 

They know how and when to pivot their strategies based on the latest SEO trends. Regular content writers may not be as agile or in-the-loop on SEO updates.

End goals

Regular content writers try to address the needs and interests of their readership. Content SEO writers aim to do the same—while simultaneously focusing on search engine success.

Chances are, every content SEO writer started as a regular content writer. And while both can elevate your biz, there are distinct advantages to leveraging the expertise of content SEO writers.

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Perks to Hiring a Content SEO Writer

In today’s digital landscape, online visibility and search engine rankings can make or break your business—hence, the linchpin SEO copywriter role.

Hiring a content SEO writer not only ensures you make the right impression with the right people but simultaneously puts your content center-stage in search engines, driving organic traffic, establishing authority, and ultimately propelling your biz to new heights.

So, why enlist the prowess of a content SEO writer? Let me count the ways…

Spice up mundane topics

Content SEO writers know how to inject personality into the most mundane topics, captivating your audience and preventing a snooze-fest.

You try jazzing up long-winded, techy digital marketing jargon through the art of optimized pizzazz.

Gorgeous, relevant content with impact

You want scroll-stopping content that vibes with your audience and delivers measurable results (a.k.a., sky-high rankings, more traffic, increased conversions, and the devoted following brands dream of).

That’s the magic of SEO content writing.

Build trust and authority without compromising authenticity

Think you have to be a pushy know-it-all to establish thought leadership? Not so!

The right words will showcase your authority in a way that people can relate to and want to tap into.

But striking a balance between fostering trust, staying authentic, and selling without selling is an art—and guess who’s hella versed?

Leverage different content formats

Putting all your eggs in one content basket? Rookie mistake.

A content SEO writer is adept at creating diverse content formats, including short- and long-form blog posts, social media copy, educational articles, newsletters, webpage copy, eBooks, and white papers—you name it, they’ve got it handled, *Olivia-Pope-style*.

Set your content creation on autopilot

By delegating content creation to an SEO content writer, you can free up bandwidth to focus on other aspects of your biz—all while ensuring a regular stream of high-quality, optimized content that magically appears in your inbox.

Never worry about writing content again? Check!

Stay on track with your business goals

You’ve got a fierce vision for your business. A content SEO writer is your strategic partner in crime, weaving and optimizing words that perfectly sync with your biz goals.

Felt that rumble? That was no earthquake—just your competitors trembling in the wake of your epic success. And behind it all? Your kickass content SEO writer.

Now, what about the DIY route? Let’s talk about it…

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SEO Content Writing: The DIY Approach

Thinking of foregoing your SEO strategy altogether? Well, that’s like setting up shop on a deserted island—no one will find you. So why not seize the reins?

“Writing SEO-friendly content seems daunting, but it’s simple: create high-quality content that genuinely helps your audience. Do that, and all the SEO technicalities fall into place.”

According to Christina, SEO content writing comes down to balancing quality and consistency.

One of the biggest pitfalls inexperienced SEO writers succumb to? Publishing high-value content that lacks resources and purpose.

SEO Content Writing Tips

Check out some of Christina’s go-to SEO copywriting tips for newbies:

  • Use SEO writing tools like Ubersuggest or SurferSEO to ensure your content is optimized and strategic.
  • Humanize your SEO writing. “I’ve received applications from countless SEO writers with technical know-how but no heart. Conversely, many writers lack technical skills but exhibit great humanity. Who do you think gets the job?”
  • Speaking of humans, be weary of AI-generated content. Use it as a tool, but don’t rely on it, or you risk losing the magic of the human touch in your content. (Trust us, we put it to the test).
  • Don’t focus too much on SEO. While it’s undeniably crucial, hyper-fixating on SEO puts you at risk of keyword stuffing, sacrificing readability, and diminishing content quality.

“It’s not just about writing SEO topics for search engines; it’s about resonating with and enlivening your audience. Speaking in their language and understanding their needs. When you do that, success follows.”

You might have a strong command of language and a knack for storytelling, but Christina emphasizes that the intricacies of optimizing content for search engines require special expertise.

Remember, the SEO game is ever-changing and always will be. Part of content writing for SEO means keeping a finger on the pulse of evolving trends, strategies, and audience preferences. And let’s face it: when you’re building a biz, time is as elusive as a Britney Spears sighting.

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Bringing in an expert content SEO writer could be the missing piece to leveling up your brand.

Finding Your Perfect-Match Content SEO Writer 

Not all content SEO writers boast the same expertise. Steer clear of a costly misstep or low-performing SEO content by vetting your prospective writer.

Here’s what to check for:

  • Experience – Do they talk the talk? Make sure they understand keyword research, optimization techniques, and the art of crafting SEO-friendly content that entertains audiences and makes search engines happy.
  • Case studies – The best way to gauge if a successful SEO copywriter walks the walk? Peep their track record. Review their past work and keep an eye out for versatility, consistency, and, more importantly, results.
  • Goal alignment – How do they measure success? “For Lyon Content, success means getting conversions from our high-value, tailor-made blog content for our target audience. Sure, traffic increases are great, but if audiences aren’t converting, there’s a problem.”
  • Brand alignment – Do they understand your business’s essence? Christina warns that brands often recruit misaligned freelancers who don’t get their brand voice or business goals. “The right SEO writer takes time to truly understand your biz, unique offerings, target audience’s needs, and pain points to produce quality content that truly resonates.”
  • Cost vs. qualityYou get what you pay for. High-quality, research-fueled content isn’t cheap. “While consistently publishing fluff will produce regular content, it isn’t going to do much for your brand awareness or credibility.”
  • Original, human-written content – Believe it or not, some SEO writing agencies use AI machines to pump out client content. Yikes. “It’s essential to partner with reputable SEO writers who understand the fundamentals of writing for search engines and prioritize human-written, helpful content first and foremost. “

Unleash the Magic of SEO with Lyon Content!

If you’re a newbie to SEO writing, all the layers of the onion are enough to make you tear up.

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Taking a stab at it on your own might seem cost-effective and efficient in theory, but it’s probably not going to give you the payoff you’re hoping for. 

Why gamble with your brand’s success?

“We’ve been creating content for our clients for nearly a decade, and our expertise is finely honed over years of hard research and understanding the nuances of consumer needs. If you’re a savvy biz owner with a penchant for writing, you can create quality content, but you’ll also need to format it in a way that’s readable, digestible, engaging, optimized, and ethically persuasive.

This takes finesse and expertise that only trained SEO writers have from doing the work over and over and over again.”

At Lyon Content, we’re nerds for words that kick ass, vibe with your audience on an intrinsic level and deliver results you can see and feel. Bet on us, and we’ll unleash a winning streak of SEO content that outshines the competition every damn time. 🎲🤑🎉

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Want Kick-ass SEO-optimized content?

Let’s chat about starting your SEO content winning streak.


What does SEO stand for?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, the practice of optimizing a website to boost visibility in search engine results and drive traffic by employing techniques like keyword research, content optimization, and link building.

Is SEO necessary for content writing?

Heck yes! Search engines play a major role in directing organic traffic to websites, so optimizing your content for search engines is an absolute must. That is if you want potential customers to find your biz, anyway.

How do you write content for SEO?

To write SEO content, consider the following:

  1. Perform keyword research and incorporate relevant keywords naturally.
  2. Optimize title tags and meta descriptions with keywords.
  3. Use headings, bullet points, and internal/external links for structure and readability.
  4. Place keywords strategically throughout the content.
  5. Focus on creating high-quality, valuable content for your audience.
  6. Ensure readability and a positive user experience.
  7. Optimize images with descriptive file names and alt text.
  8. Regularly update and refresh your content for relevance and accuracy.

Or just hire an SEO content writer to perfect it for you. 😉

Do content writers need to know SEO?

Nope. Not all content writers have extensive SEO knowledge. But understanding and implementing SEO principles can greatly benefit their work. It helps optimize content for search engines, making it more discoverable and driving more traffic to websites like yours.

SEO techniques enhance visibility, improve rankings, and increase the chances of reaching target audiences. Although not all content writers are versed in SEO, grasping its principles maximizes their impact and effectiveness.

What skills should an SEO content writer have?

Some of the most basic skills an SEO content writer should possess are:

  • SEO knowledge (duh)
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Proficiency in keyword research
  • Adaptability
  • Data analysis abilities
  • Communication and time management
  • Commitment to continuous learning

How much does an SEO writer charge?

The rates for content SEO writing vary depending on experience, expertise, project complexity, and the scope of work.

At Lyon Content, we know every business has different needs. That’s why we tailor our pricing to fit your content marketing goals. 

Our SEO writing packages feature different tiers with assorted word counts, SEO techniques, and added benefits like volume discounts and account management. 

We believe in delivering exceptional quality while working within your budget—especially in this economy. 😜

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By Natalie Laffont


Natalie is a beauty and lifestyle writer at Lyon Content, born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida. She’s passionate about crafting personality-driven copy that helps brands build a ride-or-die following with their audiences! Like a true Cuban, she runs on XL cafe-con-leches and loves horror movies, houseplants, exploring new places, and snuggling up with her SO and fur babies.