Christina Lyon

Founder, CEO

Christina Lyon Founder of Lyon Content Creative Agency


Christina Lyon

Founder, CEO

Christina Lyon is a multi-passionate millennial and the founder and CEO of Lyon Content. She’s fired up for helping brands kick ass online and grow their digital empires. Christina lives in So Cal with her husband and two dogs and nerds out on reading, traveling, writing creative fiction, and getting lost in wild places. She’s obsessed with a good underdog story and eats more rice bowls than she’s willing to admit.

In 2015, Christina studied abroad in Florence, Italy, soaking up Italian literature–and-gelato–along with the country’s boisterous, pulsing heartbeat. To document her escapades across Italy and beyond, she started a travel blog, and proceeded to traverse across Europe, the United States, and Central and South America.

Her relentless love affair with Italy stirred a deep passion for writing that had been prevalent from childhood, but ignored in the pursuit of more “realistic” career choices. As a journalism major in 2018, she quickly learned that creative writing was her calling and dropped out of school to focus on traveling and freelancing full-time.

What began as a side hustle to gain travel funds quickly blossomed into a rewarding and fruitful writing career. Within two years, she scaled her writing business and recruited support from talented writers to facilitate the demand.

In 2020, Christina married Italy’s rival for her heart, Steve, and the two moved to Huntington Beach to revel in newlywed bliss. But life threw them a curveball in 2021 when Christina was diagnosed with POTS syndrome, a debilitating chronic illness.

Hellbent on not letting health issues hold her back, Christina transitioned her business model into a full-suite creative content agency. She recruited her husband and best friend, expanded her team, grew her clientele, partnered with leading authorities in the beauty and lifestyle industries, and pioneered a path for hell-raising brands to create better content.

Lyon Content is the culmination of years of diehard grit, fierce creative impulse, tenacity, and resilience; it is her baby (second only to her two fur babies, of course) and her legacy. But at the heart of Lyon Content is Christina’s unwavering pursuit and evolution of learning, growing, and thriving alongside trailblazing brands in the digital world.

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