There are tons of content writing agencies, digital marketers, and content writers online. Amidst the bustling tech landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of the heart and soul of the marketing world: you know, the people behind the screens. Today, I want to introduce you to Lyon Content’s amazing content writing and marketing team

I’m Lyon Content’s founder and CEO, Christina Lyon. I started this content writing agency because I wanted to help digital brands forge lasting connections with their audiences through engaging written content that drives brand awareness and business growth. 

But beyond that, I am deeply invested in my clients’ growth, and at the heart of their content is the goal to forge genuine connections with their customers.

Since my beginning days as a solo-preneur freelance writer, to today, managing a dynamic team of skilled marketing pros, I’ve loved watching my team blossom alongside my business.

So today, I shine a much-deserved light on these incredible people that I’m lucky enough to call my team.

Our writing team exploring Upstate NY for our 2023 fall team retreat!

Say Hello to the Lyon Content Team!

Navigating content creation solo? Been there, done that. I learned early on that it takes a village to create truly stand-out content. I constantly worked with clients DIYing their content marketing strategy, echoing the same struggles:

There aren’t enough hours in the day.

I can’t put this concept into engaging words.

I’m not seeing conversions from my web traffic.

And the truth is, before I hired my team and was DIYing my business, I related to all of these grievances. I’ve always believed in the power of community to come together and achieve a common goal. That’s what drove me to recruit the best content writers, search engine optimization (SEO) pros, strategists, and marketers who I love working with every day. 

Now that we’ve got our dynamic marketing crew on lock? We can tackle any project and unleash incredible brand awareness and, in turn, epic ROI for our clients.

Without further ado…

Chrissy Kapralos

Technical Marketing Writer
Chrissy, tech and marketing writer at Lyon Content

When Chrissy applied to work with us in 2019, she’d been working full-time as a corporate copywriter for an energy company in Toronto, Canada. Wanting to take the plunge into full-time freelancing, she was looking to nurture her craft, learn the SEO ropes, and grow as a freelance writer.

I had tried several writers during this hiring round, and Chrissy’s submission stood out to me because I could see she followed directions extremely well. The trial article that sealed the deal? A piece for one of our long-time hair solutions clients, and maintaining an empathetic tone was paramount.

Chrissy handled this piece with artful finesse, and above all, she showcased an eagerness to learn and hone her writing chops. She took my constructive criticism and applied it to every new article.

Two years later, Chrissy is a seasoned, persistent, and reliable writer versed in various niches and mediums.

But what has impressed me the most is how Chrissy has blossomed into a dynamic technical writer. In the beginning, I threw tons of different accounts at Chrissy, and she excelled and adapted with each new project—from brand messaging deep dives to new-age, meditation articles.

We focus primarily on writing content for beauty, lifestyle, and ecommerce brands. So when it comes to crafting technical, complex search engine marketing blogs and topics for our marketing clients (and our content marketing blog, Roar!), Chrissy writes with authority while ensuring each piece is highly actionable.

Just peep this guide on keyword difficulty—that’s why she’s our secret weapon for intricate, tech-heavy projects. 

I love seeing how Chrissy’s brain processes and distills technical how-to’s into informative value-packed long-form marketing guides that are easy and fun to digest.

And when a brand messaging project or web copy wireframe enters our content calendar, I know I can call on her to rise to the challenge.

Natalie Laffont

Marketing and Beauty Writer
Lyon Content beauty writer Natalie Laffont's headshot.

Have you ever passed up on something and then couldn’t stop thinking about it only to realize you should’ve jumped at the opportunity? 

When Natalie applied to write for Lyon Content, she was churning out articles for a content mill and looking for steady, ongoing, fair-paying work.

Her portfolio was as diverse as her magnetic Natalie-isms (I’ll get to those in a minute). 

While I didn’t hire her on the first go-around, her pitch and portfolio lingered in my mind. When it came time to recruit another writer, I knew she was the one.

Natalie has worked on various accounts over her two years here at Lyon Content, but she is our resident beauty content writing connoisseur. 

She notoriously breathes energy, charisma, life, and breeziness (a buzzword across the board in Lyon Content’s editing process) into every piece she writes–and it hooks you from the very first line. 

Over two years of working with her, I’ve loved her Natalie-isms: witty one-liners packed with alliteration and allure. Us editors glean inspiration from her work for how to make our own articles dazzle a bit more.

Whenever I hire a writer, I look for that indescribable “it” factor that makes the words dance, and Natalie has it, along with dependability, excellence, boldness, flair, and heart.

And her choice GIFs? They never miss a beat.

But strip away the sparkle to the layers underneath, and you discover a writer that’s as discerning and thorough as she is entertaining and enchanting.

An investigative exposé on the efficacy of AI detection tools? It’s just another day’s work for Natalie.

Rebecca Rumph

Ecommerce and Lifestyle Writer
Rebecca, a Lyon Content writer, wearing a CSUN shirt with a green backdrop

Curious what your rising sign is? Want to know about tanzanite’s healing properties? What’s the November birthstone? 

Rebecca doesn’t need to Google the answers to any of those questions, because she’s got an encyclopedia of gemstones, crystals, zodiac and astrology charts, and birthstones in her mind. 

Rebecca has been with us since 2018. A recent graduate of Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN), she expressed interest to her aunt in pursuing a career in freelance writing.

It just so happens that her aunt is a dear friend of my mom’s! The catch? I typically don’t hire family friends or even family, so I wasn’t exactly jumping at the idea. A lot of people are interested in writing, but unfortunately, not a lot of people are great writers. 

Rebecca proved to be an exception! She had some published blogs which I vetted, and I saw her potential. We started with a trial article, and she blew me away!

I was instantly impressed with Rebecca’s natural writing talent, and I saw serious potential in honing her SEO and blog writing skills through constructive feedback.

Flash forward to today, and Rebecca has written hundreds of SEO blogs covering just about every gemstone and crystal that exists. 

I mean, how incredible are these engaging and comprehensive healing crystals blog posts?

Rebecca has flourished from a diamond-in-the-rough to a brilliant, 5-carat e-commerce writer. When she gets her claws into a topic, she sees it through entirely. She blows me away with how she constantly churns out high-caliber articles that are delightful to read and generate serious SERP results for our clients.

But beyond all that? She’s a family friend who I’m honored to know and work alongside.

Kim Fischer

SEO expert
Headshot of Lyon Content SEO strategy partner Kim Fischer

At Lyon Content, we’re so laser-focused on writing exceptional copy that we need support from a data-driven mind to inform our content strategy. That brilliant mind belongs to Kim Fischer, our SEO guru.

Before partnering with Kim, there was an important component missing from our content writing services: SEO and keyword strategy. 

We’re rockstars at handling on-page SEO (we’ve been doing it for years), but all of the analytical data research to build results-driven content strategies? That wasn’t our wheelhouse–yet.

I found Kim on Instagram and was blown away by her SEO know-how and the knowledge she shares. I have worked with many SEOs over the years, and always ran into the same problems: inconsistency, lack of communication, and little follow-through. 

When I chatted with Kim, she talked a lot about being an “anti-agency agency.” All of the tech-bro hustle culture that I personally loathe wasn’t Kim’s style either, and it was a breath of fresh air. Kim is an exceptional researcher who dives deep into understanding your brand and audience before building an SEO strategy.

All those juicy blog posts on our marketing blog? Informed by Kim’s kickass SEO blog strategy. 

Kim’s expert SEO strategy combined with our fierce content writing chops means we consistently deliver serious results for our clients, like supercharging traffic and conversions. 

She’s a vital piece of the puzzle that makes up this team, and she sets the stage for our words to dance upon.


Social Media Marketer
Elji is Lyon Content Agency's social media marketer

Pop over to our Instagram and you’ll find the same boldness and flair you get from our juicy blog posts. Elji is our talented, creative social media manager who never fails to amaze me with her clever content and gorgeous designs.

While it’s my face you see most there, it’s Elji’s behind-the-scenes research and creative brilliance that flourishes. Whether she’s recommending trending audio for me to record videos to or crafting an expertly repurposed blog post into an infographic or Instagram caption, Elji is the smarts behind the social.

I hired Elji because I wanted our Instagram to be a seamless extension of our brand messaging and marketing blog. Many people applied for the job, but it was her wit, intellect, and ability to adapt our existing content into multi-faceted, fresh, new content that stood out.

Check out the post that won her the job here.

But her talents extend far beyond repurposing blogs. 

She shares helpful copywriting tips in our Copywriting Hacks series, writes head-snapping hooks that compel a double-take, and engages with genuine, authentic comments.

Her ability to artfully design compelling social media content is no surprise–she is a licensed architect, after all!

Elji is a go-getter with a sharp eye on social media trends, but above all, she creates social media content that’s magnetic and resonant, building a genuine connection with our audience.

Christina Lyon

Founder and CEO
Christina Lyon, Lyon Content’s founder, at the Lyon Content retreat in Upstate NY, Oct 2023.

When I started freelance writing in 2018, I had no idea what was in store for me. I was a broke travel blogger, a college dropout, and struggling to find a job. But there was one thing I never doubted: I’m a great writer. 💁‍♀️

Fast forward six years later, and I now own a badass content writing agency.

Lyon Content’s growth has been steady and built methodically, layer by layer. But entrepreneurship runs in my veins–literally–as I come from a family of entrepreneurs. So why did I once say I would never be a business owner?

Because I had no clue what kind of business I’d ever want to own. I fell into business ownership by stumbling my way through curiosity. When my clients wanted more work than I could deliver, instead of turning them away, I sub-contracted writers and trained them to my standards. 

As my skill set grew, I raised my rates to reflect my value. I scaled without even realizing I was scaling because I was just following my instincts. It’s this instinct that has helped me evolve this business from being a solo freelancer to a full-blown content team.

I’m passionate about working with my team to create content that excites and ignites people. Because ultimately, content marketing is about telling compelling stories, and at the end of the day, that’s what fires me up.

And while I manage my team and handle all client-facing work, editing, and problem-solving on the daily, I still like to get into the trenches of writing. It keeps me on my toes, because as I learned while immersed in the logistical and admin aspects of my business, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Want to test my chops? Peep my latest article about building an audience and undeniable online presence.

My success is fortified by my amazing team, and I have always believed that by working together, we all rise. 

Steve Lyon

CFO & operations Manager
Steve Lyon, co-owner and videographer at Lyon Content

There isn’t a ton of glory in sitting down to do the mundane bits of running a business every day. You know the to-do list: send invoices, meet with the bookkeeper, assign content, pay invoices, track progress, budgeting, scheduling, etc. But without these essential tasks, a business can’t run smoothly or be profitable.

Steve is Lyon Content’s CFO, which means he gets to handle all of the unsexy business tasks to ensure Lyon Content stays operational. 

But it’s not surprising that Steve excels at these logistics. 

Before joining Lyon Content, he owned a mobile auto detailing business in Southern California. When the writing business took off, he wanted to get away from a location-dependent business and work remotely.

And I was seriously struggling to stoke all the irons in the fire. 

Steve is an incredibly organized, consistent, dependable person (who is also my amazing husband 💕). It’s not always easy to work alongside your partner, but thankfully, Steve and I both fill in the gaps where the other falls short and make a great team.

We are partners, spouses, and each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Together, we ensure our clients are happy, our team is thriving, and our business is working for us—not the other way around.

And work chats during dinner? Not a chance. 

“Slack me,” is the phrase that keeps this marriage-work partnership balanced and healthy. 

Want to Partner with a Content Writing Team that Feels Like Family?

We’re not a faceless, corporate writing agency or generic content writing mill–we’re a human, thinking, feeling, caring content writing team genuinely invested in your brand’s success. 

Lyon Content is an agency with a heartbeat, and we’re here to work alongside you to achieve your marketing goals.

Leave the soulless writing and corporate jargon to the other guys. Lyon Content is your partner for strategic,  vibrant, high-performing content that shakes sh*t up in the best way—and we’re just one click away. 

Christina Lyon Founder of Lyon Content Creative Agency

By Christina Lyon


Christina Lyon is the founder and CEO of Lyon Content. She’s fired up for helping brands kickass online and grow their digital empires. Christina lives in So Cal with her husband and two dogs, and nerds out on reading, traveling, writing creative fiction, and getting lost in wild places. She’s obsessed with a good underdog story and eats more rice bowls than she’s willing to admit.