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SEO: The potent Primer

It’s no secret the beauty industry is competitive. We use the latest SEO best practices combined with premium SEO tech to produce content for your beauty brand that shines above the rest. Every piece is fully SEO optimized to bolster search engine rankings, build brand awareness, and shine a glowing ring light on your beauty brand.

Brand conscious: The Perfect Hue

Quality content is Queen and she thrives on original content. Anyone can regurgitate ideas, but that’ll only hurt your beauty brand’s credibility. At Lyon Content, we roll out the red-carpet treatment, flawlessly adhering to your tone and style guidelines to craft branded, authentic, engaging content your audience craves.

superb quality: the contour

You simply can’t get good quality content writing services on the cheap. Today, the risk of plagiarism and AI-generated copy is higher than ever. To stand out, you’ll need high-quality, meticulously researched, informative, plagiarism free, flawless content. We enforce stringent quality control checkpoints to ensure you always receive the cream of the crop.


words written


beauty, health, and wellness blogs written


years of experience in beauty copywriting

Revisions: the concealer

Blemishes? Never! We love a 5-minute makeup look, but our beauty and lifestyle blogs get top-tier attention. We’re detail-oriented and committed to understanding your brand’s values, mission, and style guide. Every piece is finely edited, fact-checked, and plagiarism-checked. We offer one thorough revision per article.

Pricing: The Beauty shop

Hiring a beauty blog writing service is an investment in your brand’s growth. To see maximum conversions and ROI, you must consistently publish fully-optimized, informative content. Lyon Content’s pricing is competitive and we offer dynamic packages to fit most budgets and goals, from small businesses to large corporations.

Beauty Writing Experts

We’re obsessed with beauty and skincare tips, and have been writing beauty content for nearly a decade. Who better to share the latest beauty secrets and trends than professional beauty writers? We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and industry buzz so you can get your beauty sleep. Hold our rosé, we got this. 🥂

How does it work?

Skincare routine dropping in 3…2…1

Step 1: Get in touch

Fill out our contact form and spill the deets on your beauty brand, products, and/or services. You can enroll in a monthly content package, or book a free, 15-minute discovery call where we will listen to your needs and share your options.

Step 2: We'll send you a proposal within 48 hours

Like each skin type is unique, so is each beauty business. We’ll draft your proposal based on the volume, length, and scope of your specific content needs. Often, our clients enroll in a monthly package, but we also craft custom proposals tailored to your specific needs.

Step 3: The formalities

Once you accept your proposal, we’ll send over your first invoice and contract. Once signed and paid, the project officially launches!

Step 4: Send us a batch of your content topics and briefs

A topic can be as simple as a title idea, or as complex as a meaty, fully-structured brief. We require content topics on a monthly basis to ensure there is no lapse in content. If you need support with content strategy (developing topics and beauty blog ideas), let us know during your discovery call and we’ll add on this service for an additional fee.

Step 5: We get to work!

BRB, our eyes are glued to our laptops because we are officially devoted to crafting your content. We’ll research, write, edit, revise, fact-check, plagiarism-check, and quality-check your content before firing it off to your inbox every week.

Step 6: We deliver your content

Seven days after receiving the briefs, we’ll send your first piece of content, and follow that schedule every week! On time, every time, fabulous, flawless & ready to publish! Never worry about content delays, lofty revisions, or missed marks. Lyon Content has a polished reputation for consistently delivering high-level content on the regular. Just peep what our gorgeous clients have to say.

Step 7: Revisions

We’ll deliver your content in a Google Doc where you can leave your notes, feedback, and edits for us. We’ll address your edits within three business days. Rest assured, we are so meticulous about our legwork and research, our clients rarely require extensive revisions. But hey, smudges happen occasionally, which is why we offer one extensive round of revisions per article.

Hire the best Beauty Writing professionals

An icon of a pen with a hand holding it for Lyon Content writing agency

Lyon Content is a boutique content writing agency for game-changing beauty and lifestyle brands. We offer the highest caliber of expertise and proficiency by combining our two passions: content writing and beauty.

Our finely-honed knowledge, skills, and signature content creation process help your brand become the fierce beauty industry leader it was born to be. We write high-value, informative beauty blogs that build awareness, web visibility, and hype for badass beauty brands. We don’t serve “the beauty industry and 30 other industries” — you’re our main event. And we write content your audience will devour.

Our case studies showcase incredible SERP and engagement results that follow our meticulous brand-conscious approach. Your brand voice, audience personas, and style guide become our beauty writing bible. Your values and products become our 10 commandments. We’re diehard beauty bloggers; who better to trust for your content?

Bottom line? We’re kinda obsessed with you, and we want you to shine and sparkle on page one of Google.

Call us brand enthusiasts, beauty consultants, digital marketers, beauty extraordinaires, beauty bloggers… and call on us for unrivaled beauty blogging.

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Types of Beauty Blog Writing We Offer

Beautiful content writing services tailored to your brand, audience, and goals.


Your beauty blog is the prime real estate to publish SEO content that’s rich, informative, and engaging. But for it to rank on Google’s SERPs and stand out in the competitive beauty industry, you’ll need to publish SEO-optimized blog content consistently. The top-performing SEO content takes the form of quality articles such as step-by-step guides, trendy beauty tips and hacks, and roundups that subtly feature your beauty products as the best solution.

The best part? There is no ceiling to how many topics we can cover. The beauty niche is ever-evolving, and SEO articles keep your brand relevant.

Beauty companies and wellness organizations face fierce competition, but we don’t shy away from a good battle. After all, we create content that roars, not meows.


Blog posts, blog articles, articles, beauty blogs — tomato tom-ah-to. A blog post is an article published to your brand blog. Beauty blogging regularly positions your brand for search engine success. Google judges authority based on how many pages it can index on a given topic. In your case: beauty content.

Having engaging website content for your core pages is a great foundation, but a beauty blog for your company is where you really move the needle on traffic, customer engagement, and conversions. But we get it… coming up with beauty blog ideas is tough. Best news? We’ve got you covered with the current trends, makeup tips, beauty tips, makeup looks, roundups of top beauty products, hair care tips, skin type info guides, nail care tips, and more.

Authentically crafted and written by humans–never AI.

We’ll support your content with human touches that are utterly original, including authority-building quotes and insights from industry-leading dermatologists, doctors, influencers, cosmetic surgeons, and thought leaders.


Over 7 billion blog posts get published every single day. How can you ensure your beauty blog ideas get seen? By publishing quality pillar content.

Beauty companies face more competition than most niches, and everyone wants their cut of the projected $571.1 billion pie, with skincare comprising 41% of the market.

But as competitive as the beauty industry is, it is also extremely lucrative for brands who embrace content marketing. After all, your beauty and skincare products stand a much better chance of getting purchased if you flex your industry expertise and authority.

Enter pillar content.

Long-form thought leadership content includes articles, blogs, case studies, and white papers. Pillar content over 3,000 words will demonstrate the most authority, especially when devoted to covering one topic as comprehensively as possible, such as a step-by-step guide to specific makeup tips or hacks.

So why should your beauty blogging strategy include pillar content; is anybody going to read that many words? Turns out, yes.

Quora Creative found that in-depth posts between 3,000-10,000 words get the most shares on social media.

Further, Backlinko’s research proves that long-form content contains 77.2% more internal links to your cosmetic, skincare, or makeup collection!

Final thoughts? Pillar content gives room for rich SEO, long-tail keywords that help you cut through the competition, and meaty writing that keeps your old and new customers consuming your content, rather than your competitors.

Luckily, pillar content is our specialty, as 84% of our clients hire us for long-form blogs and articles.


The main web pages of your website are the true reflection of your brand messaging, core values, and offerings. These vital pages inform prospective leads and new customers about who you are, what you believe, and why they should trust you.

After all, billions of brands make product claims, so what makes yours special?

We craft landing pages and sales pages that flawlessly capture the essence of your brand’s why with concision and finesse. You can trust us to understand the intricacies of your messaging and create content that seamlessly migrates with your brand’s tone and writing style. That way, every time new leads visit your site, your company is identifiable and trustworthy. This will make them more likely to purchase your skincare and beauty products.

While website copywriting is unique in that it must articulate and persuade leads with punchy, catchy, memorable copy, we devote the same SEO writing to each piece to bolster it to Google’s first page.

And that’s the best part, the more high-quality pages you have published on your website, the higher chances you’ll have of ranking on page one.

Get beauty content on fleek!
About, Lyon Content Writing Agency Team

Expertise beyond the surface

To gain more organic traffic from SEO writing, you should entrust your content to beauty experts. Good news, bestie: you found us and we’re clinically proven.

Meet Our Pride

Level up with expert beauty content writers

Most content writing agencies serve a myriad of niches, and while the beauty industry may be on their radar, their knowledge of beauty trends, secrets, and science is only skin-deep. In other words, they aren’t expert beauty bloggers.

Then there are the rockstar beauty digital marketing agencies – their expertise is beauty, but content writing is way down at the bottom of their list of services.

At Lyon Content, beauty is our life.

We’re devoted to writing about beauty, skincare, cosmetics, health, and wellness.

The highlighter on your cheek? You’ll know exactly who’s writing your content because our staff is tight-knit and mighty. We hire only the top 1% of talent, the crème de la crème of beauty writers who are stringently vetted and trained in Lyon Content’s rigorous, signature content creation process.

But the training doesn’t stop there.

Each expert writer on our team routinely evolves their craft through intensive feedback and ongoing training. Not only will a beauty expert write your content, but another set of detailed cat eyes (a beauty content editor assigned to your account) will review the content to ensure it is flawless.

In other words, we’re obsessive about quality control; it’s what makes us shine.

And when we shine? You radiate. ✨

Rest easy knowing your content is in the hands of a trusted beauty professional.

Together, we have nearly a decade of beauty experience, have written millions of words, and thousands of beauty blog posts and articles.

The only thing we love more than writing about beauty is trying out new beauty products and skincare routines. Would you trust a mechanic to give you a money piece? A dentist to microneedle your brows? An accountant for your HydraFacial? We didn’t think so.

We’re fired up from creating glowing content for these fierce brands.

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logo for Daniel Alain, a long-time client of Lyon Content, creative writing agency.
Logo for embody, an ingestible skincare brand and partner of Lyon Content
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Upright, a client of Lyon Content writing agency.

"Working with Lyon Content is an absolute delight. Christina writes delightful & informative blogs that save our marketing department a ton of time, provide value for customers, and help give us a boost in SEO rankings. Christina is excellent with communication & is always quick to provide revisions when they're needed. I'd definitely recommend working with Lyon Content as they consistently produce excellent quality of work in a fast and timely manner."

Dineka Ringling Embody & Forever Beaumore

"We hired Christina to work as an SEO-driven, creative skincare and beauty writer for our blog and let's just say, she delivered within the first assigned piece. No revisions necessary! Now that's what you call skill and passion. Typically, it takes a few attempts for a writer to emerge their creative style with our brand voice and needs but for Christina, that was NOT the case! She excelled and we were/are still extremely impressed. Can't wait to see where her writing takes us! ”

Keia Black MD Glam

Working with Christina has been fantastic, she is always on time and on budget with superb writing skills. Christina and her team do an amazing job adding personality and flair to content writing. Highly recommended.

Sam Yadegar HawkSEM

"Christina was a dream to work with! She was so enthusiastic about all of my topics and did the research to write a perfect post! She communicates extremely well and always asked questions to make sure she was going in the right direction. She would hit the bullseye on the first draft. She is one of the most reliable and creative writers I have ever worked with, and have already recommended her to 3 different colleagues! She has a very positive and uplifting tone in her writing which is exactly what I was looking for. I 110% recommend Christina for any of your writing needs!"

Erika Schlick The Trail to Health

Beauty Writing Case studies

Top 7 Business Blog Examples, Why They’re Successful & How To Emulate Them!

Important reasons to start a beauty blog for your cosmetics or skincare brand


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The beauty niche is competitive

No shocker there, but to increase website rankings and visibility, you absolutely MUST publish new, high-level, information-rich content regularly. Brands that invest in quality content marketing will soar to the top quicker, and you don’t want to get left to collect dust at the bottom of the makeup drawer, right? With an effective SEO writing strategy, authoritative content, and an intoxicating writing style, your brand will see boosts in traffic, quality leads, and conversions.

Drive organic traffic

Everyone wants more traffic because, without it, no one’s finding your brand online. Publishing beauty blog posts consistently will show Google you’re an expert, and, in turn help you attract new readers. To build trust and move them toward a purchase, you’ll need to have a rich content library. But keep in mind that content writing is a long game, and to see optimal results, you’ll need to consistently publish new content for 3-6 months, so there is no better time to start than right now. 

Rank higher on search engines

No one makes it to page one overnight, despite what some agencies might claim. SEO takes time, commitment, and expertise. But SEO alone isn’t enough to increase your search engine rankings. Google gives top-ranking spots to what is deemed as the most helpful content by their crawlers. What constitutes a helpful blog post? To start, it can only be written by a human. Period. Despite the recent popularity of AI writing tools, Google is NOT on board, and will even penalize brands who don’t write human-generated content. Humans know what other humans need; robots don’t. Blog content that’s long-form, informational, engaging, and exhibits expertise will offer the most value to your readers, and thus, show Google that you’re providing the best help and deserve top-ranking positioning.

Attract ideal, new readers and customers

Outside of social media, there is no better way to attract new clientele to your business than with high-quality SEO content. Every second, Google processes 63,000 search queries. And what are these queries looking for? Information.

And that information wears many hats, including answers to questions, stores, products, and content. Essentially, your beauty blogs should offer informative content that matches the user intent for their search query. Think of it as connecting the dots. Blogs give your prospective customers a direct line to your content and thus place them at the top of the sales funnel.

From there, you’ll retain their attention and turn them into loyal customers by continuously publishing more high-quality information, AKA, beauty blog content.

Create and sell your own products

Beautiful images? Check. Stunning web design for your blog? Check. A sparkling product line featuring your skincare, cosmetic, or makeup collection? Yeah, baby.

Beauty blogging is the ideal method for featuring your collections in a subtle, non-sales-y way. Rather than directly selling to people, you’re educating them on a topic that’s helpful and relevant to their unique needs. And one of the solutions to their problem? A juicy call to action or affiliate link that stealthily promotes your brand, tastefully.

Need more Beauty Writing Services?

We’ve got you covered with full-suite beauty content writing, including:

Website copywriting

Our beauty copywriters are as versatile as an earth tones eyeshadow palette.

eBook copywriting

eBooks are long-form, relevant content that positions your brand as an industry authority and generates more leads.

Newsletter copywriting

Email marketing skyrockets trust and ROI, with every $1 invested generating a whopping $40 return average.

Social media copywriting

Embrace the future of marketing with catchy written content that nurtures relationships and humanizes your brand.

Sales page & landing page copywriting

Persuasively written copy convincing visitors to purchase new beauty or skincare products.

Product descriptions

Bite-sized, beautiful product descriptions brimming with core UVPs and personality.


What kind of beauty experience do your writers have?

Our content writers are beauty industry experts. We have nearly a decade of experience writing about health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle. Unlike other agencies that lend their services to a long list of niches and sub-niches, we operate at an esteemed caliber that can only come from a decade in the beauty industry. We’ve written thousands of beauty blogs, articles, and web pages, with our word count skyrocketing into the millions.

Why is it important that I work with beauty writers who know about the beauty, skincare, and cosmetics industry?

We’re beauty geeks, and proud of it! If you’re going to outsource your beauty content writing to a professional, you should feel confident in their expertise. At Lyon Content, our success is clinically proven, just check out our case studies.

You’ll never have to worry about your content getting lost to a diluted content mill, quality suffering due to inexperience, or deadlines repeatedly being missed by a flaky freelancer writer.

Lyon Content is a small team of devoted professionals invested in the success of your brand. This means you’ll receive unmatched attention and always be our top priority.

How much does it cost to hire freelance beauty writers?

Freelance writing rates vary, and it depends on the complexity of the project. Factors that influence beauty writing costs include the level of expertise, type of content, and the writer’s experience. Generally, a new freelance writer will be the most affordable, but they’ll lack the experience. Agencies and content mills like UpWork are also varied, and so is the quality. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Expect to pay between $100 to $1,000 per post, depending on the length, quality, expertise, and SEO.

What content topics should I request?

Popular beauty blog ideas include skin care product reviews, trending makeup looks, skincare tips, beauty hacks, industry news, and more. Ultimately, it depends on your specialty, but the topics should always provide quality, helpful information in a fun, entertaining, and fluff-free way.

Can you write for my industry niche?

Absolutely! We’re diehard beauty enthusiasts. We love trying the latest TikTok beauty trends, reading clinical studies to see what products are expected to hit the market, and scouring Newswire for breaking news and updates in the beauty industry.

What are the types of posts to try on a beauty blog?

The options for beauty blog ideas are endless! The goal is to build authority and demonstrate expertise. Do this by publishing:

  • Informative and engaging content to your blog
  • How-to guides that help solve your customers’ common pain points with instructional content
  • Product reviews and roundups featuring the best of skincare or beauty — be sure to feature your product on the list!
  • Beauty, makeup, and skincare tips: It’s the bread and butter of a bangin’ beauty blog!

























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