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Artist's Collective is a client logo of Lyon Content
Upright, a client of Lyon Content writing agency.
Poster My Wall logo, one of Lyon Content writing agency's former clients.
MD Glam logo, a client of Lyon Content writing services.
The logo for healthline, which the founder of Lyon Content writing agency was featured in.
Forever Beaumore logo, a content writing client of Lyon Content creative writing agency.
Logo for embody, an ingestible skincare brand and partner of Lyon Content
logo for Daniel Alain, a long-time client of Lyon Content, creative writing agency.

"We hired Christina to work as an SEO-driven, creative skincare and beauty writer for our blog and let's just say, she delivered within the first assigned piece. No revisions necessary! Now that's what you call skill and passion. Typically, it takes a few attempts for a writer to emerge their creative style with our brand voice and needs but for Christina, that was NOT the case! She excelled and we were/are still extremely impressed. Can't wait to see where her writing takes us! ”

Keia Black MD Glam

"Lyon Content provided a solution for approaching a big task for scaling our brand. The mass consumer market says that farm-raised fish is no good: quite the narrative to counter! Christina and her team researched thoroughly (beyond expectation), and crafted a strategy that made me as a founder feel like my marketing vision now had the tools to deliver messaging that fits our brand’s positioning and segmentation. Thanks to Lyon, we can approach content with guidelines for a brand voice that's clear, impactful, and targeted towards our audience."

Bijan Jalali Rainbow King Foods

"Christina was a dream to work with! She was so enthusiastic about all of my topics and did the research to write a perfect post! She communicates extremely well and always asked questions to make sure she was going in the right direction. She would hit the bullseye on the first draft. She is one of the most reliable and creative writers I have ever worked with, and have already recommended her to 3 different colleagues! She has a very positive and uplifting tone in her writing which is exactly what I was looking for. I 110% recommend Christina for any of your writing needs!"

Erika Schlick The Trail to Health

"Working with Lyon Content is an absolute delight. Christina writes delightful & informative blogs that save our marketing department a ton of time, provide value for customers, and help give us a boost in SEO rankings. Christina is excellent with communication & is always quick to provide revisions when they're needed. I'd definitely recommend working with Lyon Content as they consistently produce excellent quality of work in a fast and timely manner."

Dineka Ringling Embody & Forever Beaumore

Lyon Content had a great feel for the vibe of our business and used their exceptional skill and creativity to fully express what we were limited to doing ourselves. The content they created far exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning, we were in communication with Christina and always felt that the team was one step ahead of anticipating our needs. The end results were just so fantastic, and we’re so happy that we chose Lyon Content.

Greg Hill Artists Collective

"We are very impressed with Lyon Content Agency and our church hires them for weekly video and editing services. Steve is very professional and communicates well with all the speakers, arrives early to set up equipment for the best video and audio content, and he is prompt, kind, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. We are always impressed with the final product, as they incorporate creativity, practicality, and innovation."

Nancy Anderson Bedford Community Church

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